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More Blums Come to America

In 1886 and 1887 Andrew worked as a carpenter and lived at 2501 Center Street, Omaha.

Again Andrew sent money to Germany for the sister of his wife Louise, and William's wife Caroline, (this is where things get confusing, as the two of the Blum brothers married two of the Moessinger sisters, and another brother married a Carolina Messinger (not a relative to Louise and Caroline!!), Wilhelmina (known affectionately as Minnie) , her husband, John Geroge Huber, and their children, George (Wilhelmina's son born 1870 before she was married to John), and Anna (born 1882). With them this time was the mother of Louise, Caroline, and Wihelmina, CAROLINE 'JENNE' MOESSINGER (pronounced 'maysinger"), born August 16, 1822.

Wilhelmina Moessinger Huber

The Moessinger Sisters
Louise Blum, Wilhelmina Huber, Caroline Blum
about 1914

It had been almost seven years since Caroline had seen her mother. Can you imagine the anticipation she must have felt, waiting for the arrival of her mother and sister?  And Louise also, having came to America as a young single girl, now married with two children of her own.  The first time for Caroline (mother) to meet with her new  grandchildren.  Yet leaving behind a home in the turmoils of war, not knowing for sure if her husband was dead or alive, and would some day be joining her here in this new land.  Yet to be reunited with the majority of her children must have been a God send compared to the place she had left behind.  I wonder what she thought when she reached that little homestead shack in South Dakota, on the big wide prarie so sparcely inhabited?

June 11, 1886, Eliza Blum was born at White Lake, South Dakota.  On August 14, 1886, she was baptized and those attending the baptism, and signing the certificate, were her uncles, William and Gustav Blum.  Also, her aunts, Caroline and Wilhelmina.  This joyous event was held at the Lutheran Church at White Lake, South Dakota.  The Blum's were devout Lutherans, and their childern were raised in the faith.

Andrew and Louise traveled to Omaha and spent the winter there while Andrew worked at one of the breweries, returning in the spring for the planting season.  On September 22, 1888, Albert Blum was born at White, Lake.  March 29, 1889, Eliza Blum died from dyptheria, or small pox, at the age of three.

In 1892 Andrew and Louise went back to Omaha where they lived at 2nd and Woolworth St.  On May 4, 1892 Louise Blum was born here.  Andrew was working for Gate City Malt Company as a maltster.  Andrew's brother William joined him and also worked their as a laborer.

You can see from the sea sawing back and forth between Omaha and White Lake, that the family had to work hard to stay afloat in the sparce times.  In 1895 Andrew and Louise returned to South Dakota for the planting season.  This is where my grandmother, Marie, was born in White Lake, on April 5, 1995..

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