Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Blums Go to South Dakota

White Lake South Dakota

In 1882, Andrew and Louise, and his brother, William and Louise's sister, Caroline, became the first homesteaders to settle in Aurora County, South Dakota.  Andrew on a 160 acre tract of land.  William on another.  Subsequently Andrew acquired another 160 acres of land through a timber claim.  Being a direct decendant of Andrew, I do have more information on him than I do William.

In 1883, Andrew once again sent money to Germany, this time for his brother, Gustav Blum and his wife, Fredricka Hodel, to come to America.  Gustiav and his wife resided in the White Lake, South Dakota area until the summer of 1889, when they moved to Franklin, Kentucky.  In 1892, they relocated to Galena, Illinois, and resided there the rest of their days.

Gustav Blum Family
about 1892

Gustav Blum Family

The winters were rough on the plains in the 1880's.  Andrew and Louise returned to Omaha, Nebraska many winters where Andrew would work in the breweries as a maltster. 

Their second child, Ernest Blum was born in Omaha, on March 1, 1884.  The family was boarded at the European Hotel, and Andrew was a maltster at the Metz Brewing Company.

In 1885, Andrew once again sent money to Germany for his brother Martin Blum, to come to America.  Andrew procured work for Martin at the Storz Brewing Company and in 1886 Martin became a successful brewmaster at the plant.

Martin and Carrie Blum

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