Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marie Marries Venus Vern Pierce


Venus Pierce

Venus Vern Pierce                                                                      1882-1948

This is a Letter Written to Marie by Susan Pierce (myself) probably around 1968.

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the information. Since you gave my most of my information I thought you might like to have a copy of my biography. Dad read it and seem to think it was pretty good. Here it is:

Venus Vern Pierce

(Grandpa Pierce) 1884-1948

Venus was born to the proud parents of Alice Roena Johnson Pierce and John Franklin Pierce, on December 29, 1884 in Rock Port, Missouri.

Venus had three brothers, Zane, Reno, and Charlie, and three sisters, Lottie, Sallie and Geneva.

Venus and son Venus JR.

Venus started farming on his own very young. He borrowed money and bought a pair of mules and a few pieces of walking machinery. He worked hard and did well and things grew.

Venus Vern Pierce

In Nebraska he bought a home and worked hard to keep it. One night when he came in from town he was surprised to find his farm on fire. This fire burned everything he had. So again from scratch Venus started over. He went to Pittsburg, Pennsylavinia, where he got a job at the Pittsburg Glass Co. as a superintendent over a large group of men. He worked hard here for several years.

In 1912 Venus inherited 2,500 dollars from his parents after they passed away. With this money he moved to Ashland, Nebraska, bought a farm with 80 acres of land, south east of Ashland. He also bought his machinery and stock with this money.

Marie Blum

Venus Vern Pierce

September 22, 1915 Venus was married to a lovely lady, Marie Blum.

In 1917, Venus sold his land and moved to a Crab Orchard, Nebraska. Venus was a good man and also very ambitious.

He bought and sold land and places many times. Being the good business man he was he always made a good profit. He had three sons, and one daughter. Venus John, Clifford William, Cecil Lon, and Carol Marie.

At the time of his death Venus John and Clifford were married. John was married to Dean Zierenburg and Clifford married to Barbara Dowe.

Barbara Dowe and Clifford Pierce
Dean Zierenburg and Venus John Pierce

Venus died June 1948 age 64 years and 6 months. At the time of his death he owned 400 acres, a store, and a restaurant.

Carol Pierce and Paul McKenzie

Peggy Nutsch and Cecil Pierce

One year after his death his daughter Carol married Paul McKenzie and 3 years after his death his son Cecil married Peggy Nutsch. Venus left his land to his three sons and his daughter and the store and restaurant to Clifford, which was destroyed a year later in 1949 by a tornado. His wife Marie Pierce now lives in Murdock, Nebraska and is always glad to hear from her grandchildren who Venus never lived to see.

Venus Vern Pierce

Well, how do you like it? Maybe you don't, I don't know. We went to Belleville today. I got shoes for my graduation (eight grade). I get out of school in two days. Right now I'm babysitting for Mr. Yarberry, a teacher. I had another job but I had one already so I turned them down. I hate to do that but I couldn't babysit with both.

Today we went out to where dad was shearing. This guy had seven baby collie puppies. Mom said that maybe we could have one, because that guy said we could. Otherwise he would kill them and I hate to see someone be so mean to the cute little things.

Well, write again and thanks for the information

Lot's and lot's of love,
your grandaughter