Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Family Arrive from Germany

In 1923, Adolpfine (a neice of Louise Blum) and her husband, Paul Sick along with their children, Willie, Kurt, and Werner, arrived from Germany.  Andrew guaranteed them a place to stay and food to eat until they could become established in business. 

While staying with them on the homestead at South Bend, Grandma Louise fell while going to the chicken house to pick up eggs.  Adolfine took over the household while grandma recovered, cooking for everyone, cleaning, gathering eggs, and milking the cows.  She thought it was an awful lot of work.

They soon moved to Omaha where Paul started a nursery of flowers and vegtables.

Adolphine was born to Karl Adolf Mossinger (born 1850 died 1989) son of George Karl Mossinger and Caroline Jenne of Koendringen, Baden, Germany, Febuary 20, 1886 in Germany.  She died in Omaha, Nebraska on February 17, 1989 just short of her 103rd birthday.

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