Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning to Blog

I'm new at this blogging thing and really don't have a clue as to what I'm doing.  So in my learning frenzy I'm bound to make a few mistakes, but in the meantime, hope to make some progress too.  I want to use my blog to talk about  my family history and share news of findings with others out there that may be interested.  So if there is anything I need to be doing, and am not doing, I do hope someone will tell me.  (I'm sure some one will, people LOVE to point out your weaknesses!!)  Everyone is a critic.

So I guess to get started let me tell you who I am and a bit of where I come from.  I am the 2nd daughter, 3rd child of Cecil and Peggy (Nutsch) Pierce.  Cecil is a decendant of Alexander Pierce from the Virginia's.  Peggy is the decendant of Paul Nutsch, a german immigrant that came to Kansas for a visit when he was 12 years old and never returned to his home land.  As my grandpa would say "I guess he's still a visitin!"

My dad's mother was a Blum, decendant of Andrew Blum, a german immigrant that came to America at the age of 21, and one by one helped to bring over the rest of his family.  He homesteded in the South Dakota plains, before settling in Nebraska. 

There is so much to tell I won't go into great detail at this time, but will little by little add bits and pieces of family history, to help paint a picture of the lives that lead to me, my children, and my grandchildren.

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  1. You have a very nice site, excellent. I am a distant cousin vis marriage.......Fredrika Hodel

    I enjoyed reading and learned a couple of things

    Ron Hodel